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Thegidi 2 is certain but

Diretor Ramesh’s debut film has been lapped up as scintillating thriller and it is certainly one of the few hit profitable films that in the 50 and odd films that have released this year so far.

‘Thegidi’ joins the proud list of 2014

Last month, Producer council chairman Keyaar said in a audio launch event that Golisoda, directed by Vijay Milton featuring unpopular faces predominantly, was the only film released in 2014 that has reaped profits to all people connected to film business. …

Thegidi – Tamil Movie Review

The story, backdrop and setting (Screen play), the whole premise is based on an insurance scam and how the protagonist Ashok Selvan (a fresh graduate in criminology) valiantly attempts to expose the nexus between a major insurance company and a …