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Kodi – Tamil Movie Review

Director Durai Senthilkumar’s Kodi is Dhanush’s second release in 2016 just after his Thodari last month. There are a few firsts to this film like Dhanush doing dual roles and his on-screen pairing with Trisha.

Poor promotions for Kaashmora and Kodi!

While Remo’s phenomenal box office performance has been majorly attributed to the effective planning and promotional strategy, the two Diwali releases Kaashmora and Kodi are maintaining low key that there is no big buzz about the films in social networking …

Important details of Kodi and Kaashmora revealed

With the album of Kodi and Kaashmora composed by Santhosh Narayanan are all set to be released on October 5th (tomorrow) and October 7th respectively, the eagerly awaited tracklists of both the films are revealed now.