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Silent birthday for Hansika

Hansika Motwani, the chubby cute actress has celebrated her birthday with her family members and adopted children. The actress started her day with friends and family members at her Mumbai house, where she has cut her birthday cake. Soon, the …

Vijay’s manager for Hansika

Hansika Motwani who is hitting the popularity charts thanks to her back to back hits and her larger than life social commitments has appointed an exclusive manager to look after her professional schedules.

Hansika ‘s turn for Bogan

Generally first look poster in Tamil films will be revealed by the hero or director but Bogan team has decided to unveil the first look of the film through the official Twitter handle of their heroine, Hansika Motwani.

Here’s how Hansika wishes to die!

In a recent interaction, Hansika has revealed that she wishes to die peacefully in her sleep after living her life for hundred years satisfyingly. Hansika has also said that she has a lot of real life heroes who she wouldn’t …