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Palli Paruvathile – Tamil Movie Review

PALLI PARUVATHILE SYNOPSIS: A school student loves his classmate, who also harbours feelings for him. But when her rich, powerful family questions her, she lies that she isn’t love with him, and this plays havoc on the boy’s family.

Maayavan – Tamil Movie Review

MAAYAVAN SYNOPSIS: A series of murders are happening in the city, and a cop realises that they are all eerily similar. Can he find out the link and capture the murderer before it is too late?

Sathya – Tamil Movie Review

SATHYA SYNOPSIS: An IT employee, who works in Australia, gets a call from his ex-lover, asking him to help her find her missing daughter. The former has a tough time ahead when he comes to know about some shocking revelations

Annadurai – Tamil Movie Review

When you have a film that’s titled Annadurai, you are bound to go in expecting a political thriller. That is how popular our Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Annadurai is even today. But the subject that the director has handled …

Julie 2 – Tamil Movie Review

What is it about? Ever since the sequel to Julie was announced, the film garnered a lot of expectation among fans. Finally, when the makers decided to cast Raai Laxmi, the buzz only got bigger. Director Deepak Shivdasani seems to …