Ennodu Vilaiyadu – Tamil Movie Review

Cast: Bharath, Kathir, Sanchita Shetty, Chandini, Radha Ravi, Yog Japee and others
Music: A. Moses, Sudharshan M. Kumar
Cinematography: Yuva
Directed by: Arun Krishnaswami
Produced by: Toronto Reels & Reyan Studios


Ennodu Vilaiyadu revolves around horse racing and human emotions. Vikram (Bharath) is a compulsive gambler and he even gambles using his office’s money.

He is in love with Minnie (Chandini) even as he finds himself in a deep crisis over his debts. To come out of (t)his crisis and to impress his girlfriend’s father, he plans to fix a race using his knowledge about horse-racing to make up for all the losses he had suffered.

His plans go wayward thanks to an unexpected turning point. A cash bag containing Rs.50 lakh has to be given to Sharma (Yog Japee), a horse owner who agrees to lose the race to Nagulan (Radha Ravi), a rich man making a re-entry into the horse-racing sport after five years. The bag unexpectedly ends up in the car of Sridhar (Kathir), Vikram’s friend. However, Sridhar is unaware that the cash bag is in his car.

Vikram and Nagulan’s henchmen search desperately for the bag but Sridhar finally discovers the money; obviously, he wants to use it to redeem the house belonging to his lover Inba (Sanchita Shetty).

Watch the film in theatres to know who gets the cash finally and what happens during the horse-race.

Script analysis

Arun Krishnaswami’s Ennodu Vilaiyadu deals with an unexplored sport of horse-racing. Arun has done his homework well and it shows in the depiction of the race and the nuances which go with it. He tries to peep into the darker side of the sport and has made the script revolve around gambling, human emotions and race-fixing.

While the script has established the backdrop well, it fails to provide us with an engrossing experience using gambling and human crisis. Instead of concentrating more on the issues and racing, the script wastes time with romantic sequences. Sridhar-Inba’s love episode is better conceived in terms of novelty. Vikram-Minnie’s love track lacks imagination and ends up irritating the audiences.

The movie picks up at the intermission point where the bag of money comes to the focus. It maintains its momentum in the second-half but the ‘imposed’ songs act as speed-breakers, breaking the tempo of the script. The pre-climax scenes and the climax have been conceived and executed well; however, these are not enough to make the movie engaging.

The problem with the movie is that the writing is inconsistent. It lacks focus too.


Bharath, Kathir, Sanchita and Chandini have done their respective parts well but none of them could make a fierce impact as the script-writing is not up to the mark. Even veteran Radha Ravi could not make much of an impression in view of weak characterization.

Music by the duo of A. Moses and Sudharshan M. Kumar is just about okay. Yuva’s cinematography stands out.

Positive points

• New backdrop to the story
• Interesting plot
• Climax
• Cinematography

Negative points

• Deviations
• Lack of engaging elements
• Placement of songs
• Romantic sequences

Verdict: Without an iota of doubt, it can be said that Ennodu Vilaiyadu has a novel subject as its backdrop; however, this is hugely undone by some unimaginative screenplay writing.

Ennodu Vilaiyadu: A race sans thrill

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