CSK Charles Shafiq Karthiga – Tamil Movie Review

CSK-Movie-PosterCast: Sharrankumar, Narayanan Thirumalai, Vimal, Jai Quehaeni, Mishal
Direction: S.Sathiyamoorthy
Production: C.Srinivasan
Cinematography: Sreesaravanan

CSK has nothing to do with IPL cricket. The first letters of three main characters viz., Charles, (Sharrankumar), Shafiq (Mishal Naseer), Karthiga (Jai Quehaeni) have been put together to make the title.

The story starts with a murder and the predicament of a girl who is an eye witness to the same. Chandru, Sanjay and Karthiga are working in a diamond trading company. One day Karthiga has to go back home very late at night and she happens to see her superior officer getting killed by Chandru and Sanjay at car parking. Seeing Karthiga witnessing the murder, both chase her to kill her.

The office is located in a big mall and Karthiga is trying to hide in the huge complex. Her boyfriend Charles is coming there searching for her. He goes around the area and seeks police help to find her.

Meanwhile Shafiq, Karthiga’s friend, gives her a box containing diamonds. She receives it without knowing what is inside the box. Now Shafiq wants it back and he is searching for her. He needs the diamonds to save his father who is captivated by his boss.

Karthiga, being chased by two different groups and searched by her lover, is trying hard to save her life. Could she escape? Could Shafiq get his diamonds back? What happened to the killers?

Watch the movie to know the answers.

Script analysis
The character Charles once says that he wants to become a big cricketer. Apart from this there is no connection between this CSK and cricket. Even Charles has not been shown holding a bat or ball for a single moment. It’s just a publicity gimmick and hence we can forgive.

But we cannot forgive the director S.Sathiyamoorthy for messing up with a potential thriller. A girl getting stuck in a huge complex and being chased and searched by many is a strong premise for a good thriller.

But the way the director has conceived the scenes and the way he has executed them leave much to be desired. The screenplay has neither logic nor thrill. The girl’s attempts to save her life lack any common sense.

The girl is running freely despite getting deeply hurt by glass pieces and the two young men are not able to chase her. There are plenty of such scenes that take the viewers’ intelligence for granted.

The baddies look like dull headed fellows and that makes the whole drama a dull affair. They are shown as brutal killers but they could not handle a girl whom they want to eliminate. They indulge in stupid things that make the whole movie an absurd exercise.

The Shafiq episode has scenes that happen in Chennai and Tuticorin involving diamonds look disjointed and out of place. The role of police is nothing but a mockery. There are too many loopholes to count.

The storyline and the various twists are the major plus points of the movie. One wishes that these positives had been used well and developed into a good movie.

Sharrankumar, Narayanan Thirumalai, Vimal, Jai Quehaeni, Mishal have done well.

Music by Siddharth Mohan is competent. He creates the right mood for a thriller. The cinematography by Sreesaravanan adds value to the script.

Positive points

Negative points
Illogic screenplay
Lack of intelligence in the activates of the characters

The story has potential to be made as a thriller but the director has failed to make a good script fitting to the story.

CSK: Promising story gone awry

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