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Katham-Katham-PosterIrony today is that more than governance, it ia corruption that rules the nation at large. Foremost of the condemn goes to the section of police that stand by corruption and are even party to it. Taking this sensitive topic in his hands, Babu Thooyavan has doled out an entertainer that thrills, while not letting down on fun too.


Young cop with a lot of aspirations, gets transferred one more time, for being painfully honest to his uniform. Hence, Nandha (played by Nandha himself) happens to report to Pandian (Natty), as sub inspector. Nandha, however, is in for a rude shock when he discovers that not only Pandian, but the entire station is the epicentre of corruption in the town, having joined hands with all criminals and being loyal to their leader, who again is powerful by political clout.

Nandha tries to make his point of honesty, but fails time and again. Frustrated, he takes refuge in a new friend he makes from the station, who teaches him that being corrupt is the only mode of survival in the town.

On one side, crime rate keeps shooting up, and on the other, Pandian keeps rising to further heights in false fame. Will the coin ever flip, for the sake of justice? What Nandha does, and what happens on its own, to change the situation at hand, forms the crux.


To put it in a gist, screenplay is racy. There is hardly a dull moment in the pivotal story. Despite involvement of many characters, the ones that are prominent, are established clearly.

The story is neat and runs smoothly, supported by befitting dialogues; however, there are also portions that come out predictably and places where dialogues are stereotypical.

It is a good work by Senthil Kumar on the attractive picture. Shots have been canned at ideal distance, making it realistic, even in cases of cramped locations. Song settings make for another pleasant package.

Taj Noor has come up with refreshing tunes, and has also supported the movie with his score. But, more often than not, all sounds are tuned up in high volume, which could have been taken better care of. Raj and Muthulakshmi have worked intelligently on the editing that completes the experience.

On the performance front, the pivotal characters played by Nandha and Natty grab everybody’s attention in equal measure for each. The two are stiff competition to each other on screen, and have played discreet rivals very well. Nandha has convinced the audience of being a true-to-the-letter honest official, who is not smitten by sudden perks.

His unflinching attitude radiates from his screen presence. Natty, on the other hand, definitely reminds us of his previous venture, ‘Sathuranga Vettai’. Once again, Natty plays the good-man-turned-evil-mind, whose biggest weakness is spondulicks.

His dialogue delivery is titch and screen presence, casual, on a believable act of bad cop. Other important roles are played by Sanam, Nizhalgal Ravi, Singamuthu, Soundar and others, who have done justice to their respective roles.

Where the movie scores:

As a compelling entertainer, the film has a lot of positives to its credit.
1. Concept: This is a story that could be well related by anyone, to their capacity, and hence, is a winner
2. Cast: Choice of actors has been wise. It is possible only on the part of Nandha and Natty to justify such roles, respectively
3. Picture quality and screen setting is comfortable to the eyes – clear win, at that
4. Underlying beat of comedy and sense of humour

Where it doesn’t…:

Despite all the roses, there are bound to be thorns.

1. Given the story, screenplay tends to be predictable in many portions
2. Having consumed beauty time in posing and (sometimes) repetitive dialogues, the film seems to wrap abruptly towards the climax, with too many events unfolding too quickly
3. In some cases, dubbing misses sync
4. Music blares at places, and could have been turned down to moderation

The experience:

In all, ‘Katham Katham’ is an intelligent cop story with a tint of realism, running on enjoyable fiction. With advisable discretion to viewership on certain regards, ‘Katham Katham’ is a light movie to chill out on.

Rating: 2.25 / 5 – Racy story of multiple transformations

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