Secrets behind Aamir’s muscles and 25 pull-ups

We thought this is the right time to reveal the secrets behind Aamir Khan’s rock-hard muscles and the two great scenes that will cause a testosterone high in action movie buffs! One was already revealed in the promos, in which Aamir bashes a goon with a right hand jab and then stomps his feet on the ground just a few inches away from his face!

Aamir Khan in Ghajini

Aamir Khan in Ghajini

The other scene has not yet been revealed: It is the scene where he does 25 pull-ups facing the wall which has the words “KILL HIM” written on it! Imagine 25 pull-ups! Just for this adrenaline-pumping scene, Ghajini is a must-watch for action movie buffs!

When Murugadoss, the director of Ghajini, narrated the script to Aamir Khan, he requested the actor to prepare for a physique that looks intimidating, as the protagonist personifies revenge in the latter half. Though he wanted Aamir to turn into a “muscular powerhouse”, he preferred he stayed lean too! Soon, Aamir Khan’s personal trainer, Mr. Satya, was hired and given instructions about what was expected from him.

Aamir Khan began training from December 27, 2007, hardly a few days after the release of his masterpiece Taare Zameen Par. Initially, he began to prepare his physique for the vigorous workouts ahead. After the initial preparatory phase, which lasted for about 2 weeks, Aamir slowly began weight training. He began with weights that he could handle and focused on this form of exercise.

At this stage, he was barely able to manage a single pull-up or a complete set of pushups. But with a good coach, he was encouraged to do whatever he could. He adopted “single rep sets”, in which one performs only one repetition of an exercise, say pull-up, rests for a while, returns to perform another and repeats this until one hits a decent double digit number. Soon, Aamir began improving and was ready for more hardcore training, which consisted of 15 minutes of stretching, 1 hour of weight training, 1 hour of abdominal exercises and 1 hour of cardio. Aamir would start his exercise routine – in a home gym that he revamped for this purpose – at 7:45 a.m. every day and would finish at 11:00 a.m.

Coach Satya paid great attention to Aamir’s arms, deltoids, chest, especially abdomen – that explains the one-hour abdominal exercise session! More emphasis was placed on weight gaining exercises like deadlift (with a safety belt under the watchful eyes of a coach), benchpress, and military press in the beginning. Surprisingly, the squat, king of exercises, was left out to avoid injuries and because the emphasis was more on the upper body. Aamir chiefly relied on dumbbell lateral raise and flies for defining his deltoid and chest muscles respectively.

After almost a year of dedication, Aamir finally acquired the muscular physique that has shocked you! Compare the “before” and “after” measurements to know what he has achieved. Before the start of training: biceps – 12 inches; chest – 38 inches. Now, his biceps measure 16 inches he has a 44-inch broad chest! He can run 1 km nonstop! And his nemesis, the pull-ups: he is able to do 20+ now. He is able to benchpress 80 kg for 10 reps and row 80 kg on a seated-rowing machine!

Aamir did not eat extra proteins or reduced his carbohydrate intake. Only a week before the photo shoot, he followed the strict “no carb, no salt, no water” diet! The actor warns that such a diet is highly detrimental to one’s health!

Warning: The diet and routine has been prepared for Aamir by a special trainer. Aamir trained under his supervision to avoid injures. Do not attempt to copy his routine or diet. You have to consult your physician or physical trainer before you start any exercise regimen. What suits one may not suit another, especially deadlifts, which require quite a lot of practice before one can actually use decent weights.

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